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Getting Started (scroll towards the bottom of the page)
Learn how to open and close activities, draw with digital ink, and move and resize digital objects.
Quick reference guides
Best Practices for Creating SMART Table Activities – PDF
Self-paced tutorials
SMART Table Basics – tutorial
How to find free online learning resources for the SMART Table – tutorial
Setting up the SMART Table using teacher mode – tutorial
YouTube video
SMART Table Introduction – video

This video highlights some of the new features included with the SMART Table Toolkit 2.0.
On-demand webinars (formerly live online training)
Introduction to the SMART Table
This session provides an introductory overview on how to use the SMART Table interactive learning center. Learn the basic functions and features of the SMART Table, including customizing activities and accessing ready-made activities.
Duration: 13 minutes
Session objectives
Learn how to:
Describe the SMART Table and its components
Set up and maintain the SMART Table
Integrate the SMART Table in a technology-enabled classroom
Differentiate between the applications in the SMART Table Toolkit
Find pre-made activities for the SMART Table
Access more information

Working with the SMART Table Toolkit
Quick reference guides
An Overview of the SMART Table Activities Software – PDF

Working with the SMART Table Toolkit – PDF

Hands-on practice
Using the SMART Table Toolkit – PDF

Self-paced tutorials
How to download a third-party applications – tutorial
How to download an activity pack for the SMART Table – tutorial


Activity Packs

From TEQ
From Sherri Desseau

Link to more of the YouTube videos from the virtual user's group
Link to join the user's group