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Cloud Storage

“File storage and management has become a potentially limiting factor in the usefulness of new technologies, and cloud-based file services such as Dropbox, Google Drive and Skydrive. With these services, files are stored “in the cloud,” and each time the user accesses the service, the files are synced with whatever device is currently being used. Many students have found that cloud-based file management provides the convenience and flexibility needed for their mobile, always-connected lifestyles, and growing numbers of them show up at college having used such services in high school. The seamless, cross-platform functionality of cloud-based file services provides high levels of access and flexibility, though education and awareness are necessary to minimize activities that could expose private information. Cloud storage offers students and faculty the option to work in real time more effectively because it increases the range of files available for on-the-spot access.” Educause Abstract - June 7, 2011

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Dropbox Help Center

Dropbox lets you bring all your photos, docs, and videos anywhere and share them easily. Access any file you save to your Dropbox from all your computers, iPhone, iPad and even the Dropbox website!
• Access all your photos, docs and videos from any device.
• 2 GB of space when you sign up -- free!
• Automatically save photos and videos to Dropbox and earn up to 3 GB additional free space.
• Share a link to even your biggest files— no more attachments!
• Add files to your "Favorites" for fast, offline viewing.
Use Dropbox to save and share photos and videos in a snap or even take your work on the go. If something happens to your iPhone or iPad, your stuff is always safe in Dropbox!
Terms of Service: https://www.dropbox.com/terms
Dropbox iPad App
Dropbox on the iPad tutorial
Dropbox for Android on Google Play
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Google Drive

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App for the iPhone etc.
Get started with 5GB for free to safely keep all your stuff in one place and then access it from any device, anywhere. Store documents, pictures, or other files - even the big ones - using Google Drive and easily share them with anyone.
- Edit and create Google documents and spreadsheets
- Share photos with friends and family - to anywhere, from anywhere..
- Always have the latest version of your documents at home or office.
- Offline viewing
- Access your documents on the plane, train, or bus.
- New device? Your files are there.
- Broken or lost device? Your files are safe.

Android App from Google Play


Skydrive from Microsoft
Skydrive Overview
Skydrive App for iPhones etc.
SkyDrive is the place to store your files so you can access them from virtually any device. With SkyDrive for iOS, you can now easily access, manage, and share files on the go. You can also upload photos or videos from your iPhone or iPad to SkyDrive.
• Access all of your SkyDrive content including files shared with you.
• View recently used documents.
• Choose multiple photos or videos to upload from your phone.
• Share your files and photos—send a link in email or get a link you can copy and paste.
• Manage your files—move, delete, rename, or create new folders.
• Open your SkyDrive files in other iOS apps.

Skydrive App for Android

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