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These three Web2.0 tools can be used by both educators and students to create presentatons or serve as types of assessments.

Discussion - Looking at the technology integration imbedded in the PA Core.

1. Animoto
Link to the free educational account page

Creating an account and other information


Link to Jamie Forshey's Animoto video - "Beyond the Cool in the Tool"

Below is an Animoto of this year's Techapalooza

"Bringing Lessons to Life with Animoto" from ReadWriteThink

Animoto has an App for both iOS and Android devices
Animoto App logo.jpg.jpg

iPad App Tutorial

2. Thinglink
ThingLink interactive images help students develop 21st century skills and enrich their enthusiasm for learning. Teachers can use ThingLink images as interactive learning modules (ILMs) that activate and inspire students with creative and effective learning experiences. If you're a teacher or student, you can sign up to Education; it’s FREE.

Thinglink for education

Step-by-step Directions from CoolToolsfor21stCenturyLearners by Susan Oxnevad
Here is a copy of them

Link to more information and resources

Here is an example one by Joyce Mason - Canon-McMillan High School Librarian

Here is another example by Jamie Forshey

Thinglink has an iPad and iPhone app
Thinglink app icon.jpg

App Tutorial

3. VoiceThread
The free account will allow the creation of up to 5 VoiceThreads with 50 slides each, and will also have unlimited ability to comment with text or voice, up to 30 minutes of webcam commenting, and the ability to share VoiceThread content via URL. This level of account also offers 75MB of storage space and the ability to upload material up to 25MB in size.

Creating a VoiceThread

How to view and comment


Examples from the VoiceThread site's library

iOS App

VT app logo  iTunes.jpg

Worth Taking a Look:
Please share with your teachers the links to PA educator Jamie Forshey's wiki and award winning blog "Edutech for Teachers" - she is currently a classroom teacher using Web2.0 tools with her students